about us

about us

welcome to the story of why day

Why Day Services was unearthed in Whyalla, South Australia in November 2022. The name “Why Day” is a mission statement in itself. The “Why” in the name invites us to question our purpose, urging us to transform these questions into actions.

It asks, “Why “Why not today?” Why not make a difference today? Why not learn something new, try something different, or help someone else?”. And so, “Day” was added to signify the present, the here and now, each day full of potential, of growth, and opportunities for connection. It served as a reminder that every day could be a meaningful day. It encouraged seizing the ‘day’ to make our ‘why’ happen.

We emerged as a response to the needs of our community here in Whyalla. Families, caregivers, and participants of the NDIS were searching for more opportunities due to the closure and lack of group-based service providers.

“Our response was to craft a welcoming and secure space where everyone feels they belong.”

In the short time we have been providing services our participants have:

  • Embarked on a magical, life-changing cruise-ship experience visiting Kangaroo Island
  • Day-tripped to places of interest in our region such as Port Augusta, Point Lowly, Kimba, Cowell and Quorn
  • Entered their creative arts in the annual Whyalla Show
  • Explored the Whyalla coastline on an accessible boat tour of the Australian Giant Cuttlefish
  • Successfully organised, planned and carried out an interstate adventure

And much, much more!


We focus on deeply understanding and responding to our participants’ needs, filling gaps wherever we find them. Encouraging socialisation, skill development, and lasting friendships are all key elements within our care.

We also strive to nurture community understanding and awareness about the wonderful individuals we support. Our team’s commitment to ongoing training and to honouring our participants’ needs ensures we continuously evolve our service offerings.

Today, Why Day Services has become an integral part of the community in Whyalla. Through our person-centred approach, diverse activities, and commitment to fostering independence and confidence, we’ve made a positive impact on the lives of our participants and the wider community. Our story is just beginning, and we look forward to continuing our journey with you.



At Why Day Services, loyalty is all about sticking by our participants and their unique journeys. We’re always striving to improve our services and support our participants as they explore their individual paths of personal growth.


Devotion sits at the heart of Why Day Services, and we’re passionate about enriching the lives of those we serve. This dedication sees us creating memorable experiences, building community, and helping our participants gain confidence and independence.


Integrity is in everything we do at Why Day Services. From being upfront with our participants and their support networks, to always keeping our promises, we’re genuine in our mission to create a welcoming, inclusive, and personalised experience.