day options

day options program


Our Social Program is all about creating a close-knit community where everyone can grow, connect, and have fun!  Our programs cover everything from fitness and social outings to creative arts and community involvement.

Think scenic walks, group lunches, hands-on crafting, and community volunteering, all rolled into one fulfilling experience.

It’s your one-stop spot for fun, friendship, and finding your passion!


Our fitness and wellness activities not only enhance physical capabilities but also serve as a vital element for mental well-being.

The varied programs create an environment for skill-building and social interactions, contributing to an enriched life. Plus, who can resist the fun of a game of basketball or a refreshing swim?


  • Scenic walks along Whyalla beach and foreshore
  • Nature immersion at Ada Ryan gardens while enjoying music
  • Basketball shoot-outs
  • Regular gym sessions
  • Community swimming pool visits
  • Group Pilates and fitness classes

Social activities are designed to encourage community involvement and help develop interpersonal skills.

Regular outings and group activities offer a well-rounded social experience that supports individual growth and friendship building.

From lively local café outings to laughter-filled uno contests (no cheating please!), there’s never a dull moment. 

  • Weekly communal lunches and café visits
  • Outdoor BBQs and picnics
  • Variety of board games, puzzles, video games, and card games
  • Local attraction visits and movie outings
  • Bowling adventures
  • Fishing excursions at the local jetty

exciting day trips

Our planned day trips serve as a fun and educational experience, providing opportunities for organizational skills and practical life training.

The outings are a fun way to engage with the community and experience new settings. Imagine awe-inspiring landscapes, unique attractions, and countless opportunities for memorable snapshots!


  • Participants take the lead in researching, planning, and organizing group day trips to regional attractions.
  • Our trips focus on skill-building, teamwork, social interaction, and new experiences.

creative expression

Creative arts programs offer a platform for personal expression and skill-building in various artistic disciplines. Participants gain focus and a sense of accomplishment through the projects they undertake.

Imagine the thrill of seeing your artwork on display or your handmade jewelry being worn!


  • 3D printing projects
  • Crafting with Cricut machines
  •  Custom T-shirt design
  •  Jewelry crafting
  •  Various artistic mediums: drawing, painting, beading, dot-painting, and rock painting
  •  Scrapbooking and card-making
  •  Selling creations online
  •  Participating in local shows, exhibitions, and markets

cooking classes

Our cooking classes offer a multifaceted learning experience, focusing on budgeting, meal preparation, and safe food handling.

These activities are a fun and practical way to gain essential life skills. Topping it all off is the joy of savoring a dish you’ve cooked yourself—delicious!


  • Recipe research
  • Grocery shopping excursions
  • Safe food handling and cleanup instruction
  • Group cooking sessions
  •  Consideration for dietary and cultural preferences

community involvement

Community activities aim to integrate participants into the broader societal fabric through volunteerism and other community engagements.

Peer support and annual fundraisers offer additional opportunities for networking and community contribution. What’s more fun than making a positive impact while making new friends?


  • Library visits for computer use and book borrowing

  •  Trips to shopping malls and community centers

  •  Volunteering and work experience opportunities

  •  Regular peer support gatherings

  •  Annual fundraisers for local causes


Arts and music programs offer cognitive and emotional development through the medium of artistic expression. Participants get to improve their motor skills and emotional range, creating a well-rounded individual experience.

Whether it’s strumming a guitar or belting out a tune during
karaoke, the fun is in the doing!


  • Singing sessions
  •  Dance practice
  •  Instrumental music
  •  Karaoke fun
  •  Film-making projects
  •  Community theatre participation